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Lung Tonic Elixir

Finally, an e-liquid that is good for you...

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Also available...

Archangel is an innovative new addition to our all-natural vape juice range and a revolutionary product in the vaping world.


Synergistically combining the most powerful essential oils for respiratory health and lung function with organic rose, lemon and mint extracts in an organic VG base, this is the perfect blend for quitting cigarettes and staying quit. Not only is it refreshing and delicious - like a Turkish Delight or fresh minty Rose lemonade - but with every inhale the lungs are opened, cleared and purified. In short, it will help you breathe easier and assist the elimination of built-up toxins.


These therapeutic organic essential oils are also proven to stimulate immune function, improve circulation, promote restful sleep, decrease anxiety, uplift and enhance your mood and also combat depression.

Perfect for the grumpy quitter! 





Archangel derives its name from one of the principal active ingredients, Angelica archangelica, a long-revered medicinal plant with a sweet musky aroma that has many wonderful healing properties, especially for respiratory health and immunity. Angelica is just one of the incredible healing herbs that create this dynamic blend composed of 12 essential oils including the rare and precious oils Melissa, Elecampane and Angelica Seed.


Archangel is the guardian angel that travels with you wherever you go, filling your lungs with refreshing goodness and keeping you off the combustibles. Give your lungs some love and feel the difference! 



Lung Tonic Elixir

For the health conscious tobacco lover...

DarkAngel is just like Archangel, only darker, with pure Organic Bulgarian tobacco extracts to enrich and strengthen its taste and boldness.


The addition of natural unadulterated tobacco gives a vaping experience closer to that of smoking, particularly like smoking a Turkish hookah pipe with rose and mint flavours. This may give more satisfaction to cigarette quitters who long for that stronger throat hit that tobacco provides, but it still contains all the goodness of Archangel. Steeped for a minimum of four weeks, this tobacco flavour is intensely rich yet smooth.

Take your pick, or try both in our Vape Angels pack.

DarkAngel Elixir

Did we mention that it's also in Apple Mint?...

Archangel is available in Apple Mint flavour for a fruitier juicy taste. So juicy in fact that it's hard to put down. This is an all day vape of the best kind, one that is actually good for you.


Having more mint makes this flavour naturally more mentholated, so if you're not keen on menthols, stick to the Rose Lemonade. If you do like a clean fresh minty vape, bursting with fresh green apple, then you will love it.

Try both Apple Mint and Rose Lemonade flavours in our Vape Angels pack.

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