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  • How long does a bottle last?
    This depends on your device type how much you vape per day. MTL tanks typically use alot less juice than sub-ohm or DTL tanks. For a 30ml bottle... 1ml per day = 30 days 2ml per day = 15 days 4ml per day = 7 days 6ml per day = 5 days
  • Should I buy 70/30 or Max VG?
    This depends on how natural you want your juice and also what type of vape device you are using. As we strive to deliver the most natural juice we can, all our flavours are naturally-extracted and Certified Organic. These are then blended into a Certified Organic USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine (VG) base, which you will rarely find in an e-liquid because of it's expense. Our Max VG juices are 100% VG based and thinned only with distilled water, making them a completely Certified Organic product. Although they will work fine with most MTL tanks, they are better suited to higher wattage coils when more flavour is desired and will also produce bigger clouds of vapour. We give the option of added USP Grade Propylene Glycol (PG) at 30% to thin out the liquid and deliver more flavour when used with lower wattage MTL devices. Although generally regarded as safe and non-toxic, some people are allergic to PG and should always choose Max VG (100%) when available. As PG is not a naturally derived product, it cannot be certified Organic. This makes our 70/30 VG/PG liquid only 70% Organic in content.
  • How much nicotine should I add to the bottle?
    To get your intended strength you can use the following measurements for adding 100mg strength nicotine to a 30ml bottle of e-juice. Make sure to shake the bottle thouroughly for about a minute after adding nicotine. 1.5mg (Extra-light) - 0.46ml nicotine (approx 20 drops) 3mg (Light) - 0.93ml nicotine (approx 40 drops) 4.5mg (Medium-light) - 1.41ml nicotine (approx 60 drops) 6mg (Medium) - 1.91ml nicotine (approx 80 drops) 9mg (Strong) - 2.79ml nicotine (approx 120 drops) 12mg (Strong) - 3.82ml nicotine (approx 160 drops) Note that the flavour will develop further and become stronger in time when nicotine is added to the bottle and allowed to steep.
  • Do your e-juices contain Diacetyl?
    No, none of our e-juices contain diacetyl.
  • Is vaping safer than smoking?
    Recent scientific studies consider vaping at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Most vapers will tell you they feel it's alot better on their body than smoking and for good reason, as you are no longer getting about 4000 toxic chemicals from tobacco combustion in your lungs, especially tar and carbon monoxide. For further information on existing vape studies read this article. One ingredient that is unavoidable in every vape juice is Vegetable Glycerine (VG), a natural sugar-alchohol made from plants that is not really a sugar or an alcohol, which is generally considered safe and non-toxic for inhalation. As it is not combusted or burnt but instead evaporated by your tank's coil, there is no decomposition into free radicals, tar or carcinogens. Glycerine is perfectly safe to ingest and is metabolised easily by the body. We use only the purest Certified Organic USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine in our e-juices, which is rarely found in vape juice because of it's expense. Propylene Glycol (PG) is not quite as harmless as Glycerine, with a small percentage of people either highly allergic to it or finding it mildy irritating to their lungs. By consensus it is still generally regarded as safe and non-toxic. We use the purest USP Grade PG in our 70/30 VG/PG juices. This component helps deliver extra flavour and wicking ability. If you have an allergy to PG please choose the Max VG option which has zero PG content. There is also the issue of which flavours are safe to vape and which are not. Some flavours are unsafe and potentially harmful such as diacetyl, which we exclude from all our juices. We think it's important to know what we are putting into our bodies, so you're not wrong to be very picky and doing your research when buying vape juice. Ultimately the choice to vape is yours alone, and if any ill effects are perceived from vaping an e-juice then it is highly recommended to try 100% Max VG liquids instead or cease from it completely.
  • Do you ship to my country?
    We ship worldwide from Australia. Shipping costs may vary from country to country but importation restrictions should not, as we do not sell any Nicotine containing products due to Australian regulations. Shipping costs are calculated automatically at checkout.
  • What is the healthiest e-liquid for vaping?
    Archangel Lung Tonic Elixir is a vape unlike any other. A healthy and synergistic blend of essential oils proven to be beneficial for the lungs are infused into naturally extracted flavours in a Certified Organic VG and USP PG base. (75 VG /25 PG). These refreshing juices clear and open the lungs, assist easier breathing, help to reduce coughing and support detoxification. The antiviral essential oils in the blend also have a protective nature against airborne infections. The pure essential oils we use are also proven to stimulate immune function, improve circulation, promote restful sleep, decrease anxiety, uplift and enhance your mood and combat depression.
  • What's are the healthiest e-juices to improve my mood?
    Our God's and Goddess range of e-juices improve the mood in a few ways. They contain a synergistic and healthy blend of essential oils in a Certified Organic vegetable glycerine (VG) and USP grade PG base (70 VG/30 PG). All our e-liquids use natural organic flavours. Vape Ares for energy, courage and motivation. Vape Zeus for improved mood and managing anxiety. Vape Aphrodite for sensual indulgence.
  • Are all your e-juices healthy?
    While vaping itself is not considered healthy we have done the utmost possible to provide the healthiest possible alternatives. All our e-liquids use all-natural organic flavours with Certified Organic VG and a USP grade PG base. Vape Alkymia E-Juices for the healthiest vape!
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