DarkAngel Elixir

DarkAngel is just like Archangel, only darker, with pure organic bulgarian tobacco extracts to enrich and strengthen its taste and boldness.


The addition of natural unadulterated tobacco gives a vaping experience closer to that of smoking, particularly like smoking a Turkish hookah pipe with rose and mint flavours. This may give more satisfaction to cigarette quitters who long for that strong throat hit that tobacco provides, but still contains all the goodness of Archangel. Steeped for a minimum of four weeks, this tobacco flavour is intensely rich yet smooth.


0mg Nicotine



  • Organic Essential OIls
  • Organic Flavour Extracts
  • Organic Tobacco Extract
  • Organic USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine
  • USP Grade Propylene Glycol (except Max VG)


- Diacetyl free

- No artificial flavours or colours

DarkAngel Elixir

  • Price shown in AU$ (Australian dollars).


    All our e-juices are nicotine free (0mg Nicotine). We recommended using 100mg/ml nicotine or higher when mixing with our juices to prevent dilution of flavour. 


    Our Max VG e-liquids offer the most natural vape experience with a 100% certified Organic flavour/base content and zero PG. The 70/30 VG/PG options are for those that don't mind PG or suffer any allergies to it. This option can offer extra flavour, especially when using lower wattage devices.

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